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Adam Blight known professionally as DJ Blighty is an international DJ & Producer from the U.K. Blighty rose to prominence in 2015 having grown a loyal fanbase on the Mixcloud platform. To date his channel has in excess of 123,000 Followers with over 300,000,000 minutes of streamed audio. His love & passion for music which took hold at an early age, has seen the Cardiff born DJ progress from humble beginnings in his grandparents bedroom, to becoming a global touring club & festival DJ. In 2019 after many years learning the craft of music production, Blighty released his debut single 'Separate Ways' which has since been followed by many releases, most notably to date 'Get Out My Head'. In 2021 he hit the ground running with his first official label release 'The Nights' on New State Music, which has taken pride of place in Apple Music's Dance XL playlist for over 3 months as well as garnering support from some of the world's biggest dance music DJ's. "I never aim to create a specific genre of music, I make music based on how it makes me feel rather than what it 'should' sound like. Emotion is what connected me to music in the first place, so if I get those excitement butterflies when I finish a track, even if I make just one other person feel the same way, then I'm satisfied that my job is done." Follow Blighty here on Spotifty to plug into his hectic 2021 release schedule which he's VERY excited to share with you.