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The legend is back from the 2 week hiatus to drop the bomb. Scheisse Von Herzen (excrements from the heart) was formed in 2018 as a Pop/Easy Listening Duo from lower franconia, wurzburg that consists of „Geiler Gabriel“ (guitar, drums, bass, background clapping, producing, mixing, tea) and „Der schöne Klaus“ (vocals, lyrics). In early 2020 „Pascal Prellmich“ (the funky Bass) joined the band to become the third and final member. No other band in this genre composes energetic riffs like that in company with lyrics that go straight to the „Herz“. With hits like „Doppelkorn“ or „Dreckskultur“ they smashed the whole scene into dust. They won’t put themselves in „any known drawer“. Completely fresh, completely new. Prepare yourself for the maximum penetration of your senses. 
 Love, G. G., D. s. K.