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Rebel Wizard

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About this Artist

Posted By Rebel Wizard

Rebel Wizard can’t be summed up with one simple label. It’s not black or thrash metal but firmly rooted in both.

There’s a touch of NWOBHM in there as well the epicness of power metal. Many bands try to combine different genres of metal, some fail, some succeed, but what makes Rebel Wizard strive is it’s done from instinct. 30 years of listening to all genres of metal has given NKSV a vast arsenal to choose from. However it’s not so much the music he’s going after, but rather the feeling. Remember the first time you heard Maiden, Blind Guardian, Rainbow, Emperor, etc? NKSV takes those sentiments and then grabs the guitar and puts them into music. The result is fresh and full of emotion, probably words NKSV would not like associated with his music, but can’t be avoided when approaching writing this way.

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