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Granny Norbag might seem like any kind, friendly old lady!… BUT when she opens her mouth to sing she unleashes such talent the World has never witnessed before. Star of the Granny Norbag book series, this talented octogenarian has a long history of working with some of Rock and Roll’s finest. From cleaning up after one of Mick Jagger’s notorious parties.... to baking a Christmas cake for Bono.... to sharing a pack of hard boiled mints with Rod Stewart on the number 56 bus.. Granny Norbag has inspired and advised them all! Now determined to be the next Ariana Grandma, this disco diva delivers songs that combine catchy melodies, top notch production with a voice like no other. ”Im gonna dance into this disco land,” she sings in her signature tune Disco Bag. And with lyrics like these, Granny Norbag wants people to sing and dance with a smile on their faces. She's had more hip replacements than Madonna... She's older than Little Mix combined... And she still thinks Cardi B is a knitting pattern.. She is the one and only Granny Norbag