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MUSIC FROM A ROOM - Eight compositions for piano Performed by the concert pianist Kalle Stenbäcken Joel Lundberg is not your typical composer of classical piano music. 
 First off, he is not a classically trained pianist. (even though he has a University master´s degree in composition and improvisation.) 
 Secondly, his musical references ranges all the way from Kraftwerk and german Kraut-rock, Charles Mingus, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, Frank Zappa to Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók and Claude Debussy. To name a few. 
 Joel says that he is a result of his record collection, and you can probably hear this in his music. One could say that “Music from a room” is a gift packed with this broad musical vision, wrapped in impressionistic paper and ready to be torn open.