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Bona Fide is minimalistic gothic folk by Sofia Luna (vocals, guitar) and Emil Palme (guitar). Equally in love with the tradition and future potential of folk music, Bona Fide sets out to be a romantic catalyst for the epic tales of our time. Debut album ‘YIELD’ is about longing and loss, love and magic. It’s about carrying on a medieval tradition of storytelling while rewriting the classic tales of courtship and darkness, to let them become a prism for the coeval. Some of the songs, like ‘Prince of Scars’ are permeated by this archaic heritage, while others, like ‘Dalloway’ are fragmented, held together only by the morning dew. Holding hands with distant pasts and near futures Bona Fide stands still, if only for a moment, and asks you to be here, now. On ‘YIELD’ deep hollow guitars meet in minimalistic arrangements while Sofia Lunas enticing voice carries the listener through a raw and frail landscape made of different sonic perspectives: distant birds chirping outside of the window, close to the guitar plucking, to the sound of the very room where music was made that day. Recorded exclusively on telephones, Bona Fides sound presents the paradox of 2020 dystopia: Contemporary mythology, fear of ecological collapse and comfort of changing seasons all carefully captivated through modern day technology like the fossils of tomorrow.