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BELLA KELLY is acutely aware of the powerful, life-saving potential of the creative arts. She has firsthand experience, because music saved her life, too, and it’s a gift she hopes to pass on. Conjuring strength and resilience from the depths of anxiety, depression, and despair, the enchanting and adroit young singer/songwriter makes music for the melancholy, the outcast. The disenfranchised and pushed-aside are all welcome within the fascinating worldbuilding of her haunting and immersive songs. Each composition is a distinctive clarion call to self-acceptance and empowerment. A small child who was “othered,” unequipped to connect and make friends, BELLA used her rich imagination to make an emotional escape through song. Her music is at once grand and cinematic in scale and yet equally intimate, with stark vulnerability. BELLA’s life began with a triumph over adversity almost supernatural in scale. A heart condition nearly took her from this world just as soon as she’d arrived, her tiny body robbed of its heartbeat several times just a few days after her birth. She was born in Brunswick, Georgia. Like the greatest of vocal-driven indie-pop, Gothic Folk, chillwave, and balladeering, BELLA KELLY’s music offers safe passage from the real horrors of modern everyday life.