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Mickey Lamantia is an American Country Singer/Songwriter .His style of music falls within the subgenre of Outlaw Country, and he is considered a traditional country purist, both lyrically and musically. He has been a Rhode Island state correctional officer for 20 years and has two children with his wife, Amanda. Mickey has written most of his songs solo, until recently teaming up with Marla Cannon Goodman and Buddy Cannon for many co-writes. Coming from blue-collar, Christian roots, Lamantia’s father worked heavy equipment construction and while his mother opted to stay home with the children, not working until they were older. Lamantia brings an old school vibe with a mix of today’s vibe to succeed. He’s a hard worker and relates to the working class.  Lamantia’s most current project, Honky Tonk Confessions project was released as three EP’s and a full Album. Debuting at #7 #3 #2 and #3 on iTunes Country Chart respectively and combined for over One Million Steams. The Final Chapter was produced by Legendary Producer Buddy Cannon and Bill McDermott. Jamey Johnson and Melonie Cannon lent their talents to the Final Chapter. 
 Mickey’s Albums have surpassed 10 million streams combined, all while holding down a full-time job as a Correctional Officer. With a very loyal fan base, of over 64,000 Facebook followers, 25,000 Instagram Followers and a Facebook fan page, Mickey Lamantia plans to transition to music full time in 2022.