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Pop/rock singer-songwriter and actress, Maddie Glass, is hitting the ground running with her debut single, "Livin in 2021" off of her debut EP, "Thank You For Breaking My Heart." Born and raised in and around New York City, Maddie grew up acting and performing all around Manhattan where she found her love for the craft at a young age and never looked back. Through her witty, honest, and relatable lyrics to her 2000's throwback sound, she is ready to make her mark on the industry. She attended NYU Tisch and is ready to run with wherever her career takes her. Maddie does things her own way through writing about her failed romances, observations of the world around her, and whatever she feels people need to hear. Even so, she does this without taking herself too seriously and with a smile on her face. She can't wait for everyone to hear what she has in store!