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Roberto is a music producer and DJ from Málaga (Spain) whose favorite genre is EDM in general, especially Dance Pop and House in all its variants. A creative guy and above all self-taught who loves to lift weights (The reason of the hunky appearance). His musical history begins in 2018. Although his first songs do not really have commercial potential, in just two years he manages to change that, generating in such a short time his first million streams on Spotify and increasing his popularity considerably in all social networks. His strategy is simple: Continuously produce music and surround himself with great professionals to continue learning and improving. For example with vocalists or songwriters who regularly collaborate with renowned music producers for major record labels or also with sound engineers who have even won Grammys. Until now he has produced more than 50 songs. Among his achievements, he has been in the Top 10 of Spinnin Records Talent Pool on multiple occasions and has already signed his first songs under major international record labels such as "Blanco y Negro". Roberto innovates and tries new things continuously. He has recently founded his own merchandising store, where he sells clothes designed by himself. He regularly publishes DJ sets and music videos on various online platforms and collaborates by curating some playlists where he supports other indie artists like him. And this is just the beginning, the musical adventure continues.