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2020 Claire Saint startet durch mit neuer Mucke. Deutsch-Pop mit spritzigem 80‘s Sound. Ihre neue Single Jo-Jo wurde am 20.11. veröffentlicht. 
 2019 As Marie-Claire Toussaint (30) born and raised in Berlin, she got to know a lot of different types of art, especially music. Next to a comprehensive education while going to school (singing in a choir, conducting, singing, music as an advanced course), she took piano, guitar and singing lessons. She was part of several bands and started within different music projects to write her own songs. In 2009, she released her first EP „Cover me“ with four songs in English that can still be found on her SoundCloud page. 
 After Claire Saint finished school, she lived in Nashville for 8 months. Having the chance to stay with the musician Neal Morse and his family, she built a connection to the land, the people, the music and the language overthere. That is why, she decided to split up her album into 2 CD‘s, one CD with German and one with English songs. This shall describe Claire Saints life between and within these two worlds. 
 She produced her first album mainly in America at the Shuffle Brother Studios. Together with Gideon Klein and Gabriel Klein she is giving the very deep and authenic texts an unique sound that inspires the listener and raises a very new type of pop music. The album was released in December 2019.