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The Lowest of Low is an orthophonic Hi-Fidelity sound experience.

In the tightly boxed-up and neatly categorized little world in which most humans are content to live (if we must call it living...), it defies the Rules of Almighty Genre. Go on... classify it, indubitably and categorically. We'll wait. And uh... let us know, too, what you come up with because it would make marketing a hell of a lot easier.  Never one to take the easy path, MC Jizzy, from whom this wellspring of FutureRetro Unusuality continuously springs, will continue her personal quest to push back the boundaries of this FutureRetro music, for your listening pleasure. MC Jizzy welcomes you into the world of the Low, and seeks to bash through your preconceived mental conceptions about music like a sledgehammer through the wall between your kitchen and dining room.