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After their debut single "Headlights", "threeosix" now release two more songs. The first song, "Too Late" is a dark, slowly carried pop ballad with a surprising twist. The song is, compared to the band's debut, unexpectedly emotional and works especially at the beginning about Julia's unique voice colour. If you hear the chorus more than once, you can't get it out of your head and will want to hear it again and again. The second song of the band "Higher Love" perfectly fits the self-proclaimed genre description "Advanced Nineties". A deep verse followed by a big hookline in combination with nailing Destiny's Child- sixteenth bass drums. Nevertheless the song doesn't seem like an irony on past times, but brings the nineties rather for a short moment into the year 2019. That's why "Higher Love" remains a serious pop song with a deep lyrical content and great energy despite a small wink. Julia (Basel/Switzerland) and Friedo (Berlin/Germany) are two attractive mid-twenties who act uninhibitedly like best friends on social media. They want to show a lot of fun, idiocy and trash humor, but deliver deep and high quality musical content.