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Rise and dream My credo: Making people happy with voice and sound. Since the age of 4, I stand on the boards that mean the world to me till today. With the composition and realization of diverse music productions like first the youth musical "Dreams come true" and later the extensive sustainability work "The Globalizations Saga", under mentorship of Prof. Dr. med. Franz Josef Radermacher I always followed my intuition. The true voice is a complex interplay of different personal factors and passions. Inner Fulfill- ment - resonates in the soul and that is what magically touches everyone. I am aware that self-love is the key to a holistic existence. To love what one does and with passion, is a privilege that gives one's life, with all intensity and joyful connection. Gratefully, my partners and I present you the newly interpreted creations from the manufactories in the style of ancient traditional arts. Experience the heavenly seeming spirit of beauty with meaning. Nourish your need for harmony, given to us by the little things in life. And take the time to relax when and where you need it. Since I learned to follow my heart, I feel for whom and for what my heart really beats. And always remember: our heart is and remains a muscle that wants to be lovingly cared for. With sound, poetry and sympathetic devotion to all beautiful light on this wonderful Mother Earth. Be inspired with creative power.