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Hi There! I am 32 years old music producer from Czech Republic. I took my 31st birthday as a fresh start. I had 30 years of a "trial" and I have started to LIVE fully and completely since then. 
 This is YEAR 1 for me! :)
 I started a Drum and Bass project with Dora Bondy called Sub Poetry in 2019, but I realized I wasn't fulfilled completely and I needed "more". I have alway been into Cinematic music. Inspired by my friend I produced and released my debut single called Denouement on 5.7.2020 as a gift to my Soul, I wasn't listening to, until NOW! It is a very personal Cinematic score telling the story about my Life-Journey. "From humanity to Divinity." To be continued..
 Thank you all for your support and listening to my music :)