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Elation, melancholy, excitement or, as one of his song is named, Effervescence. These are just some of the sensations you might experience by listening to Benjamin Banati, aka. Banaati's work - the only thing you can be sure of, is that it will be an emotional ride to a place far away. His debut EP 'L'Aventurier' on Emergent Textures takes you to a landscape in continental Europe at midnight, while 'Kilsbergen' transports you to the nature in Scandinavia, thinking of the sun rising over the horizon with dew on the lawn in front of you. Since having started producing music, the Swedish artist has spent days on end composing arpeggios, chord progressions and groovy beats. Something he always has described as a way of meditating, thinking, escaping from everyday life and connecting with his inner self. Having received recent support from artists like Marsh, Nora En Pure and Tiësto, his musical journey is about to ascend. Make sure to follow his journey.