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Playgrounded is an Electronic/Heavy rock band based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Athens,GR. After releasing their debut EP "Athens" Playgrounded rose in their homeland's rock scene, toured Europe, at times sharing the stage with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Anathema and Riverside. “Athens” was a testimony of a country and its youth in crisis. A sketch of a new balance between heavy rock and electronic music, driven by endless talks on the dead-ends of modern Greece. The band's next step had to be equally challenging. Following their generation's tendency to move and migrate, they chose Europe's heart as the space where the musical questions posed by "Athens" would be answered. "In time with gravity" is Playgrounde's first full-length album recorded in Kristiansand, Norway, produced by C.A.Cederberg (Anathema, Leprous etc.) and released in October 2017. The album was composed in the midst of the quintet's moving from Greece to the Netherlands, its themes and sounds varying from crisis-struck Athens to the industrial landscapes of urban Rotterdam and beyond, to the existential questions of Albert Camus' "the Stranger" and the dark clouds gathering around the post-modern world. Viewing heavy rock's heritage through the radical eyes of electronic composition, Playgrounded stand on the shoulders of giants to take a small step down the path of progressive music, where electronic and electric passages always gravitate to hypnotic ambient grooves.