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Hi my name is Chris and I'm a singer songwriter, guitar player and dad-joke enthusiast from planet earth. Growing up in the suburbs of Vienna I started playing the guitar because of my older brother Marty - he's the coolest! By the age of 14 my friends and I formed our first punk band where is was mostly about screaming into the mic and finding the noisiest distortion sound on our amps. Although I finished my masters degree in business engineering and worked as sales manager for almost 10 years I never stopped making music and started my solo project Chris Emray. When I opened for Eric Clapton in Viennas biggest venue I quit my dayjob, changed my lifestyle and became a full time musician. Since then I took every opportunity to make music. From busking on the streets to playing musicals in theater or singing a new years party on a cruise ship in the south china sea. Played shows in Xiamen, Duisburg or Toronto. I love to collab and meet new people so if you want to say hi drop me a message! Till then live life to the fullest and focus on what makes you happy.