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On Valentine’s Day, 2020 the Singer/Songwriter Meg Pfeiffer has released her fourth studio album NOPE. Her 23 songs are odes to the things she declines, she doesn’t agree on or she can't deal with very well, such as the death of her father.  She writes about a life that has strengthened her by death, rejection and unequal treatment. Saying "Nope" to the things that don't do any good to see at the end of the dark tunnel the "Yes" to the things that are right. By taking on the additional role of the producer, director, label, publishing, management, booking, and any other works, Meg feels she has done it right and in her way. With her new songs “No Money” and “The Moment Of Love” she shows how versatile she is. From pop to country, and from rock to jazz. In 2021 she will be on tour in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Russia and Ireland.