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Pinkus joined the Butthole Surfers / Jackofficers at the tender age of 17 (1985). The band continued entertaining and confusing the underground masses with him for almost 10 years. Pinkus took 12 years off before rejoining the Butthole Surfers for a handful of 'reunion' shows of the 80's, early 90's, line up. In between and since then Pinkus has played in (or with): Melvins, Honky, Pure Luck, Helios Creed, Daddy Longhead, Danny Barnes, and many more... You can hear all of his influences and experiences done solo, with a new brand of Banjo, ranging from ‘Rye Grass’ to 'Space Grass'..... Check out J.D. Pinkus for 'Keep On The Grass' and NOW ‘Fungus Shui’! - Remember, when it comes to Space Grass, you really only have one choice!!!