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Swedish hard rock band Electric Haze was formed in 2014, and quickly wrote a couple of rock songs which they played live in and around their hometown Umeå, Sweden. Electric Haze‘s first single "Master & Slave" was released in 2016, followed by the singles "Endlessly" and “(Shut Up) Shuffle and Deal”. The self-titled 6-track "Electric Haze" was released later that year. In November 2020, Electric Haze released "Succuba", the lead single from the upcoming album ”GET IN LINE” (2021). In January 2021, Succuba was followed by the energetic rocker WOAH!.

The album's title track Get In Line was released in February, followed by the rock ballad Cavern of Pain. GET IN LINE (2021) COMING SOON #electrichaze2021 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Born as an offspring to the rock giants of the seventies and eighties, Electric Haze combines soaring rock vocals with thundering drums, growling bass and screaming guitars.