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Grouplove are no strangers to hardships, and any time they've had to deal with lineup changes, health scares, or societal upheaval, their response has been to dig deeper to find their best expression. During a time in which the collective human experience has been put through tremendous challenges, Grouplove have cast off expectations and outside pressures, and again, found their voice. Evolving from their last record, ‘Healer’, ‘This is This’ shows the band returning to a sound that’s far more bare, aggressive, and loud; culminating in their loosest record to date. Recorded in a burst of a few days, the songs quickly emerged in full: words, riffs, rhythms, backing vocals, containing all the excitement and relief that came with finally being able to spend time in a room together after being apart.

You can imagine why it's called 'This Is This'. There's no concept. It is just what Grouplove wants to present to the world right now. If there's any additional message to impart, it's that they want to encourage everyone else to wake up to their innermost voices and desires. ‘This is This’ is the sound of a band who have discovered who they really are and don't intend to stop. Grouplove is: Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Daniel Gleason, Andrew Wessen and Ben Homola