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今や欧米でも確かな支持層を確立しながら、カテゴライズ不能かつ不要なロック・バンドとして広い認知を集めつつあるDIR EN GREY。  1997年の結成当時から全米デビューを果たした現在に至るまでの間、音楽的にも視覚的にも変化を重ねてきた彼らのなかで、変わらないのは徹底的に自分たちのロックを追求しようとするその姿勢。いくつものトレンドが生まれては消え、消費されるだけの音楽が存在理由を失っていくなか、彼らの創造するものがジャンルや国境の壁を超えながら共鳴を集めている理由は、まさにそこにある。  With a strong following in Europe and America, this rock band that warrants no categorization, DIR EN GREY, continues to garner attention across the globe.  Since their formation in 1997 followed by their debut outside of Japan, the band has continued to evolved in their sound and visuals but one thing remains carved in stone; their attitude to relentlessly delve deeper into their music. Many trends have come and gone, many songs were put out to be lost among others that hold no meaning but DIR EN GREY survived because of that attitude. It is no question that their creations transcend all genres and borders.