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Ty Richards

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Posted By Ty Richards

Ty Richards is an alternative pop/rock artist and producer from Austin, TX heavily influenced by psychedelic & dance music.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, who started writing and performing original music on stage and in the studio at the early age of 12. Richards is known for writing, performing, producing, recording and even mixing his own music himself. He also produces music videos and posters. Richards incorporates unconventional songwriting methods like haiku and the use of Freudian “mumble tracks”. His sound has vintage fuzz guitar tones as well as futuristic analog synthesizers, along with bold drum and bass grooves. Richards’ vocal style mixes loose baritone and lush falsetto tones with lyrics that are both artistic and tongue-in-cheek. His debut record 'Zillion' made a huge impact in Austin, California, and Europe. Right out of the gate Richards’ album was named the "#4 College Album" in the nation by USA Today and broke the top 40 on the NACC 200 college charts after being placed on 50+ college stations across the US.

Before 'Zillion', Ty Richards spent the better part of a decade writing 200+ songs and producing material for 3 solo albums – all never to be released. This period of time brought a series of false starts and the loss of his girlfriend at the time in a tragic car accident. All of this turmoil and wasted potential eventually led to him putting his life back together and moving to Austin, TX in 2014 to accidentally reboot his music career.

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