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D2UR are a Canadian band who strive to write great modern rock music. John Colburn (bass), David-Sikorski Thorn (guitar), and Stephen Broadhurst (drums) join Mike & Diane Isbister, the founding members of the band. D2UR began writing original songs in 2010 and have two full-length albums: “Rev U Up” and “Tic Toc”. Mark Donnelley of Fireworks Magazine, who reviewed our second album states: “This is one of those independent albums that sounds like a major label release. Don’t give it a second thought or leave it a minute longer; just face the truth, it’s time for you to get your hands on ‘Tic Toc’. Fireworks Issue 80 Oct-Dec 2017 D2UR released three new singles in 2019 that rock your soul. “Little Sunshine” opens in a haunting dark mood while the vocals spin the tale. The chorus kicks in and unleashes no mercy. It is a rock n’ roll tale of abuse and sadness draped in layers. D2UR’s next single is “Slippin’ Away”. The song is an epitaph of the pandemic, describing our yearning to have things back to the way they used to be and afraid that it is all Slippin’ Away. The song was produced by Juno award-winning producer Murray Pulver. It is a very emotional and lifting song highlighted by great individual musical parts and a rocking vocal delivery by Diane Isbister. D2UR are continuing to write and record new material for an upcoming album in the near future. For additional information, visit http://www.D2UR.net