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Cindy Alexander is no stranger to overcoming the odds: A cancer survivor, mother of twin girls, and a successful, touring independent artist for 15 years prior to signing with Blue Élan Records. Writing a record while her mother was dying from dementia, recording while navigating a world of pandemic and protests, and trying to finish anything while teaching her kids from home during a “Safer at Home” order were just a few more elements to add to her already colorful story of personal perseverance. As Cindy says, “I can’t pretend that everything’s ok, because it’s not. But, I always see the light – in you, in me, in the world that was created from it. My journey in this body is about finding it, sharing it, becoming it.”

While the Angels Sigh is set for release on 4/23/20. 
 Born and raised in Los Angeles, Cindy was trained at the acclaimed USC School of Drama, but realized quickly that there was enough “drama” in real life, and the best part she could play was herself. Cindy has released ten studio albums (and added to numerous compilations and soundtracks). She has performed across the US, Japan, Germany, Ireland, and islands as far as Barbados and Guantanamo Bay. 
 Cindy cares less about the accolades and awards (she won NBC’s and David Foster’s Star Tomorrow and turned down the record deal, and has won multiple L.A. Music Awards, among a multitude of others) than she does about her greatest asset in the entertainment business: her Fans.