Haang Upps


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    Ouvre-toé les yeux - Ok. Volca,
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    Modern Man Slavery
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    With a Smile
Haang Upps was created in 1995 by five friends sharing the same passion for punk music.
Few months later, Dan was replaced by Vinz. Their first demo Greates Hits was released in 1996. One year later, they released Stronger Than Fire. In 1998, Yann left the band and by the end of the year, the band recorded A New Step to Comprehension and two singles (released in 2001). On these songs, the sound of the band changes into a more brutal and hardcore genre. The aggressivity in Louis’s voice reached a new level of intensity. Ben joins the quartet in 1999. 2002 was a big year for Haang Upps Big Llama records release their first official album Epistemic. The band professionalism went up a notch with this powerful punk metal album. Finally, Haang Upps had found their sound! The group made several shows in Quebec and Ontario. The style of the band went from fast punk rock on Stronger Than Fire to a more metallic hardcore on the album Epistemic. In 2005 Haang Upps changed name to Ok. Volca and started singing in French. The song Ouvre-toé les yeux (to be released in 2020) was the last song recorded by Haang Upps (the first in French), and the first for Ok. Volca. Despite the influences of groups like Snapcase and Refused, Haang Upps stands out from others with their own unique sound.


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