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Alt-folk songwriter Joshua Malcolm, aka Calming River, has always swam against the mainstream in delivering a darkened and moody atmosphere, predominately through the use of fingerpicked guitar, alternative tunings and atmospheric ambient soundscapes. Influenced by the haunting writing of Skip James, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Bert Jansch, to name but a few, Malcolm teamed up with Aarhus-based producer Rasmus Nielsen and Copenhagen label Dendron Records to deliver numerous singles and EPs (2014-19). In late 2020 the cinematic single 'Boats' was released, drawing attention from numerous media as a "unique single [that] captures the dynamic song structure and finger-picked guitar Calming River has become known for. Awash with the darker emotions from anxiety to loss and confusion, it carries an emotional weight that will leave you shuddering" (The Other Side Reviews) and "finds that delicate balance between wistful ambience and heart-rendering consciousness" (Nexus Music Blog). 
 In March 2021, Calming River released double-A side 'Jejune' and 'For Edward', the former featuring acclaimed pianist Tom Neill, the latter featuring Danish songwriter Own Road (Dendron Records) on vocals. These two tracks, alongside 'Boats', are all taken from debut album 'Dead Bluebottles Supine', released mid 2021.