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Since her early childhood days, Julia Lacherstorfer has been experiencing a wide variety of music as an integral part of her everyday life. In her parents’ Upper Austria home, peculiar sounds such as the buzzing of her father's hurdy-gurdy, the clacking of her mother's spinning wheel, or her grandfather's accordion reverberating from upstairs become familiar to Julia's ears. To this day, Julia Lacherstorfer draws strength and inspiration from the musical experiences of her childhood and from the folk music tradition of her home region. She rediscovers the immediacy and freedom typical of folk music later in improvised music rather than in classical music. As a composer, Julia Lacherstorfer explores the boundaries between the familiar and the unexpected, between the catchiness of traditional melodies and the unpredictability inherent in improvised music. As a performer, she places great importance on the relationship with her audience and allows for images and associations to make her music comprehensible and tangible. With her award-winning ensembles ALMA and Ramsch & Rosen, she performs on renowned concert stages as well as internationally. Eventually, Julia Lacherstorfer is making more and more of an impact on the current music by managing the wellenklænge festival in Lunz am See thus providing musicians and artists a platform. She impresses with her enthusiasm, virtuosity and artistic curiosity, which is why she has long been a fixture on the Austrian music scene.