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“…his playing is total precision and full of fiery emotion.” (Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews), “Classically trained, with technique to spare, Skogstad succeeds mightily in the effort.” (Dan McClenaghan, allabaoutjazz.com) “Skogstad’s touch is rich and romantic […] a collection of tasty treats” (George W. Harris, jazzweekly.com), "In this way, Skogstad reformulates the use of the piano in the genre and gives it an absolutely personal characteristic, to which he adds a precise technical interpretation not without subtle moments of improvisation." (Carlos Salatino, Tiempo Argentino). 
 Håkon Skogstad (b.1989) is a prize-awarded diverse pianist and composer holding degrees in classical performance from Trondheim, Oslo and New York. He has performed in critically acclaimed ensembles and as a soloist throughout Norway and played concerts in the U.S., Argentina, Germany, Austria and Sweden. Skogstad released three recordings with recognized tango ensembles in Norway, as well as his debut solo album “Two Hands to Tango” – which has received numerous outstanding reviews worldwide.