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Vibrant, experimentative and literally oozing positive energy! Latin rhythms flirt with disco grooves, balkan tunes dance to funky beats whilst energetic solos entwine themselves around mind twisting breaks. Evelyn Kryger manage to make the step from tango to full on uptempo disco via chacha. Age old traditionals give birth to hypnotic techno and afro groove jazz finds itself morphed into a caravan anthem decorated with virtuoso synthesizer solos. The rhythmical spectrum includes everything from polka and humppa, soca and samba to Arabian dance rhythms, hip hop grooves and ecstatic club beats. Despite a purely instrumental performance, no singer is missing. The polished arrangements, humorous fusions of style and distinctive playfulness of the band won the jury over at the Creole World music competition in Lower Saxony and ever since they’ve been on the road, playing at festivals and clubs spreading their own definition of world music.