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Zeno Music ™ – we aspire to be home to the most loved and commercially successful artists in the entire world. The official music website was created for making great music and has grown exponentially since its launch to more than 10 million unique monthly listeners, thanks to their hunger and desire for innovation and creativity. Lead by Dj Zeno, this corner of the world will delight your ears with deep, tech house music daily, from both himself and other DJs and producers. Zeno Music ™ is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting and encouraging music producers and artists through community. Our journey starts in London, where we are located, and focuses on the ever-increasing performance with the purpose of helping young, high-potential artists and producers to grow. We work closely with artists and assist them to construct a solid career, offering them both the available support in terms of producing and sustaining their mental health. We like to think we’re more than just a facility, we’re a hospitable home.

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