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Vam Cyborg is a pioneer band in Spanish electronic music, created in 1975 by Vicente Aguilera, as an entity which is open to all sorts of musical activities, ideas and instruments. In September 1981 Ricardo López joins the band, and they start a series of performances (as an electronic duet). They made two official recordings “Mortal Joy" and "Vam", and appeared on different TV programmes. In 1983 they released, with Gloria Nadeau (vocals) and Jesús Aparicio (synthesizers), their first Maxi Single record: "Actos de Maldad - Radioactividad" . Then, in 1984, "Gods Valley" was released by Linacero (later included in some mixes). In which album, José Antonio Rodríguez (drums) and Eduardo Bayona (synthesizers) joined the band. In 1986, Vam Cyborg released their third studio album, under the name of “Dirección Prohibida”. In this album, the band was formed by Vicente Aguilera (vocals, keyboards and guitar), Ricardo Polo (vocals and guitar), José Antonio Rodríguez (drums and percussion) and Del Morán (bass). 12 years later, Vicente Aguilera (vocals and music) and José Antonio Rodríguez (drums and percussion) released the last Vam Cyborg’s album so far, "Vam Cyborg", by the firm from Zaragoza Producciones Sin/Con Pasiones. Since 2012, Vicente Aguilera at the vocals, guitars and synthesizers, Eduardo Bayona at the guitars and Guillermo Aguilera (from Blind Monkeys) at the drums, have been working in new songs unhurriedly, which will conform a new album in a close future.