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Christine Brown is an award-winning composer and distinguished Kawai Piano Artist, her music a unique blend of contemporary, new age and modern classical sounds. Christine's popular cover songs and mashups are elegant takes on pop/rock classics, creative arrangements often blended with classical elements for a seamless, sophisticated tapestry, - " the range

of this music is astounding and the execution of it is brilliant, Christine is one of the most imaginative artists in the solo piano genre today", (Music and Media Focus.) Christine's discography also includes colorful, emotional original works, and Christmas and children's music, and her music crosses generations. While earning a business degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, Christine was inspired by George Winston's new age genre of solo piano, yet the piano remained only a hobby for years. In 1990, her mother passed and Christine immersed herself into the piano to comfort her grief and voice her emotions. Christine's fans have written, "There is a richness to her sound, a refined elegance and passionate intelligence that could only come from working hard at your craft. Skilled at the art of blending chords and note progressions, her music is at once a welcome retreat from the mundane and ordinary. Her emotions come through her music...and through her music, she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of millions of appreciative piano music fans."