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We believe in shattered hearts, in endless tears We believe in art, in love, we believe in David Lynch and Beelzebub We believe in beaches, we believe in dancing the night away We believe in the midnight sun and a forest as old as the earth We believe in Emma Goldman and everything that is beautiful We don't believe in nations, we don't believe in borders We don't believe in one truth, we believe in many We believe in colors of the rainbow and we find comfort in the heart of darkness We believe in Joy Division and mathematical calculations against loneliness We believe the heart to be red and rebellious And that it stings and itches in the heart when the world is breaking apart [We are no patriots] We are the snobs, we are the punks We are Judith Butler, we are Kafka We are the insane, the dreamers, we lack restraint, sense and reason We are Paris 1968, we are the feminist movement, we are television reruns We are a Czechoslovakian puppet show We are the dashboard in a space shuttle, we are a galaxy We are those who worked 'til our hearts and bodies crumbled We are a factory beside the Baltic Sea We have Sapmi blood, queer hearts and Meänkieli bone marrow We are the deepest forests, we are the northern waters We are two generations away from poverty We reject religion and we pray to every god We are searching for the devil, for hidden treasures We are the shamans, we are the witches and we hereby cast a curse.