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I'm a sucker for a good story that goosebumps your skin, or a line that settles in your bones because it was always there just waiting for someone to uncover it. Whatever may come of this record, it's only the beginning. I believe to the bones of me in music as the language of the soul. In the power a song has, in a single line or melody, to connect us from our pain straight to SOURCE. To love, to light, to spirit, to GOD, whatever it is you call that thing "...which grows
 higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)". And I will spend the rest of my life singing and sharing whatever the spirit moves me to. "John Roof" is the true story of ancestral trauma and how it gets passed on, generation after generation. The song moves in little vignettes that capture living with the inherited belief that you were “born to lose”.  I am so grateful for your support, your love, your listening. One day, in a song, in a story, in a line, in the space where hearts meet, I hope to meet you there.

From my heart, to your hands, friends. I love you. Find me!