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Eckhardt And The House is the project by producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest from Amsterdam. Rik is known from his previous bands Kopna Kopna and Alamo Race Track as well as being composer and producer for Dutch pop-folk group Zazi. Together with Gerry Arling (of Arling & Cameron fame) and Bo Koek he is the core of Dutch electropop surprise Mass Electric. Eckhardt And The House receives press coverage from Denmark to Japan and from the United States to Australia, radio airplay all over Europe and Spotify streams all over the world. The Eckhardt And The House debut album Why Don't You Dance is out now! And how about some Eckhardt And The House 2.0? Listen to the new singles If You Cannot Talk, Mountains, Put Me In A Cape, Funeral, Humans, Lonely and What Did My Arms.