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Two ex-Necrobiosis, Duviel Quiroz (drummer) and guitarist Abel Oliva united with Franto Paul Hernandez (ex-Infestor) decided on the name Sectarium for a new band. Into Death/Doom/Grind metal, lyrically inspired with ancient/pagan cults, horror literature, nightmares and biblical accounts of Babylonian culture. Familial connections between many cubans on the island with those who had escaped to Florida resulted in a heavy influence of the Florida Death Metal scene. Drawing together these influences Sectarium soon release in 1994 its first demo called God’s Wrath. Distributed thru Europe, Latin America, USA, and reviewed in many prominent zines, quickly garnered accolades throughout the underground. Sectarium were in contact with other bands outside of Cuba, including Entombed, Pungent Stench, Orphaned Land, Moonspell, My Dying Bride, and Sarcofago. Sectarium became one of the most active metal bands in Cuba, playing numerous shows, including several national festivals.

Tragically, Hernandez died on January 2, 1997, just as Sectarium was recording its 2nd demo entitled Larvae. Oliva and Varela completed the recording and released as a tribute to Hernandez in 1998. Following Hernandez’ death, Oliva continued playing in various metal bands in Cuba 'til 2012 when he relocated to Switzerland. He continues to write / record for Naurea and Godes Yrre. Bands/projects connected with: Naurea. Godes Yrre.