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Welcome, one and all. This is Robbie, Franco, Dylan, Andre and Zach. We’ve been calling ourselves The Hails since we played our first show in Gainesville, FL. We only had 4 original songs at the time so we filled the rest of our hour-long set with covers, and some person yelled at us to play more originals. They must not have liked the covers we picked. Since that oddly defining moment, we’ve figured out how to write more original songs while battling school, relationships, and life in the abyss known as Florida. It’s weird here. 
 After our time in college, which saw us drop a handful of singles, we settled down in Miami and got to work on our debut project, He Seems Upset. Its release in August of 2020 marked the end of the first phase of our band and we’re excited to have you along for the journey as we enter into a new realm of The Hails.