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OBJECT is a progressive metal band from Czech republic. The band OBJECT was born in the autumn of 2001 by Petr Matějka - drums, Tom Krupka - guitar, Váša Odvárko - guitar, vocals, Lukáš Zmrzlý - vocals, Jan Valenta - bass. Until September 2009, the band was called CROM. Under this name, the band released several demos, mini CDs and recorded a music video "TIRED TO FLY". During 2008 - 2009 there was a radical change in the concept, style and focus of the band and finally in the fall of 2009 the band began to perform under the current name OBJECT. At the same time, the band releases the debut album "ANALOG". In 2012 is released the second album "RELEASE" with 10 songs. Jan Valenta is replaced by bass player Aleš Nejepsa, who later becomes a full-fledged member of the band. After a smaller creative break in 2013-2014, OBJECT publishes in 2015-2017 a several remastered tracks from „RELEASE“ and two new music videos ENTIRE HORIZON and TROOPS OF IGNORANTS with remastered sound while preparing tracks for the third long-running album. In October 26th, 2019 is released the third album called "STARVING PARADISE".