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Ghostkid1997 Email Address: Arrington is a musician/songwriter/music producer/singer who is starting his own band. The band is a hard rock/metal/gothic rock band and the name of the band actually is “Arrington”(Similar to Van Halen or Bon Jovi). Even though he is the bass player in the band, he actually makes all of the guitar parts, not just the bass. Arrington’s musical interests dates back to the early 1930s and ends in the early 1990s, starting off with artists such as Bob Crosby, Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, and the Casa Loma Orchestra, and finally ending with bands such as Nirvana, Pantera, Type O Negative, 69 Eyes, and Alice N Chains. Nothing he listens to really comes after the 1990s Rock n Roll was the first type of music Arrington was introduced to and grew a strong passion towards after the very first Guitar Hero game was released in 2005 when he was only 8 years old. Before that actually happened, he was never into any type of music or any one genre specifically. Arrington is not the only member. There are 5 members in total including him. Arrington doesn’t like all of the attention being on him or just him only. Arrington’s main influence comes from a 1984 English gothic rock band called “Fields of the Nephilim”, but he is still influenced by late 70s and 1980s hard rock in general. His two favorite bands are Fields of the Nephilim and kiss.