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This is The Lost Noise, the Alternative Rockband from The Netherlands! Rockin’ guitars, funky bass-lines and a fat groove. The Lost Noise has it all. They don’t fear to go experimental sometimes. Sound wise they lean towards the Foo Fighters and Anouk (Dutch artist) but there’s also a hint of Bloc Party to be found. This makes the music unique and refreshing. The band is founded in 2010 when Jelmer and David met and decided to start a band. Not much later Natascha joined in to come and sing and play some awesome bass-lines. In 2017 Nick made the band complete, his backing-vocals, melodic riffs and fills are just what the band needed. When the song allows, instruments such as a synthesizer and a theremin are used to make make it even more unique. After a successful Haarlemse Popscene on Tour, passing through most of the bars and venues of Haarlem, The Lost Noise took the lessons learned to heart and created a high quality EP that you can listen to right here!