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Americana with an Edge! Known for powerful storytelling and catchy melodies, Nashville singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison has a knack for blending multiple genres into a style that's instantly recognizable and uniquely his own. Campbell synthesizes everything from swampy rock and alt country to indie pop into a sound he calls Neo-Americana. “Don't let the Americana label and Harrison’s mellow voice fool you,” says Gregory Sweet of KSVR FM. “There’s a hard edge to his music along with deep lyrics and great guitar work.” In 2020, Campbell teamed up with engineering wizards at Welcome to 1979 studio (Nashville) to record his eclectic EP "Lyin Cheatin Gettin By," reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new sound, unbound by a conventional genre. The EP was born from the ashes of 2020 and it’s relentless negativity. It’s a collection of songs that poke fun at pretenders and hypocrites, while simultaneously shining a light on the small things that enrich our lives. “The EP is indicative of my headspace and the mood of our country last year,” says Harrison. “I tried to make these songs lighthearted and fun, while still being rewarding for those who really dig into the lyrics.” Campbell recorded with a team of all-star team talent, including Ted Pecchio (Doyle Bramhall II, Susan Tedeschi, The Codetalkers) on bass, Benjo Markus (Dee White) on electric guitars, mando and organ: Hayes Smith Jr. on drums and dobro; and Aubree Riley on background vocals.