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“The truth of human freedom lies in the love that breaks down barriers.” - Jürgen Moltmann Ever since forming in 2015 KOZEN has set out to expand the boundaries of 'genre' through the virtue of diversity. Everything about the band - from its personnel to its music - is quintessentially "Toronto," with the members (Maxwell Aka, Jericho Leal, Sidone Harrison, Jared Leal) hailing from musical backgrounds as diverse as Metal, Gospel, R&B, Pop, and Rock, and tracing their heritage to places as diverse as Okinawa, St. Lucia, Jamaica, and the Philippines. Founded on this principle of diversity, the band brings a truly multi-cultural and multi-textured dynamic to rock music that challenges conventional understanding of the term "progressive." Building upon the themes of their debut double-EPs, Swimming to the Stars (A) & Swimming to the Stars (B), the group expanded their soundscape with their first full-length album A Fearful Wonder in 2019. With a more polished approach, the album embodies the essence of the human journey and explores themes of struggle, obstruction, and perseverance. In a post-genre era of music, where heavy bands are going melodic, pop artists are playing with darker aesthetics, and stylistic crossovers are becoming more and more common, KOZEN is a band worth paying attention to. The future of rock music will be created by bands that can transcend labels and categories, defying limitations and discovering new sounds.