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A fast maturing artist, Neon Ion a driving, hypnotic club experience. 
 Natalie Sandtorv has gone from young and promising to a full-blooded artist and she has spent her time well. The Neon Ion project has taken shape on tours in Europe and during stays in Los Angeles, Italy and Berlin. In this music, life unfolds in nightclubs, it's high-energy, modern-day RnB with a dose of LA coolness. 
 Sparkling synths cover energetic drums in glitter, as Sandtorv's smooth vocal glides effortlessly and dreamily over the top of the backing: 
 "Oh we got lost in the thick of the night / got my neon dress on / and my neon heart / got not cover, got no shield / my neon dreams got the very best of me." 
 Sandtorv studied jazz in Oslo and Bergen (something many of her contemporaries, such as Highasakite, Broen and Pom Poko, also did at various institutions across Norway proving jazz to be a fine basis for making pop music) and played in a number of bands before settling on recording and touring under her own name. The Norwegian's jazz sensibilities were added to during constant touring with elements of free noise, psych rock and pop. 
 A romantic,a dreamer... Neon Ion and Natalie Sandtorv are absolutely ready to take you on the best night of your life.