Danny Griego


  1. 1.
    Feeling Like a Three-Legged BorderTown Mexican Dog - Billy Joe Shaver,
  2. 2.
    I Think She Only Likes Me for My Willie
  3. 3.
    You Never Stop Loving Somebody
  4. 4.
    I Wear My Own Kind of Hat
  5. 5.
    Below the Border
Danny Griego is an Arizona-born, Texas-based country singer/songwriter whose rich blend of outlaw, cowboy, Americana, and Latin influences came to the fore on his 2014 album, Cowboys, Outlaws & Border Town Dogs.
From his early days gigging around Arizona saloons and rodeos to a lengthy stay in Nashville where he befriended legends like Hank Cochran and Waylon Jennings, Griego has created a diverse catalog of songs that reflect his personal story. Some of his songs, like 2014's "Lady Liberty" and 2018's "22" were written to honor American military veterans and he has made frequent stops to sing at military bases around the country during his tours.
Griego was in college earning a business degree when he survived being struck by lightning during a camping trip in Eastern Arizona. While rehabilitating his motor skills, particularly in his right hand, his doctor recommended learning how to play the guitar. Using his grandfather's old nylon-string guitar, he taught himself how to fingerpick and soon found himself literally dreaming up songs which he would sing into a tape recorder when he woke up. After college, Griego went on to build a successful career as a businessman, owning several franchises and properties around the Phoenix and Prescott areas, one of which catered to his musical interests. As owner of Matt's Saloon in Prescott, Griego and his Country Thunder Band played regularly both there and around the region as he continued to hone his skills as a performer and songwriter. He eventually made his way to Nashville in the early part of the 2000s where he forged a creative relationship writing with legendary songwriters like Hank Cochran, Red Lane, and Max D. Barnes. Some of the songs he worked on during this period landed with icons like Waylon Jennings and Billy Joe Shaver, whom he became friends with. A 2007 album, Destination, helped to establish him as a recording artist, though it would be another seven years of hard touring and writing before he delivered its follow-up. With 2014's Cowboys, Outlaws & Border Town Dogs, Griego dialed in on an authentic sound that combined his myriad influences and interests from the maverick outlaw country of the 1970s and classic cowboy songs to more contemporary Americana and Latin. By then based out of Texas, Griego and his band of seasoned veterans supported the album with more touring, playing a variety of venues, from pro-stock motorcycle events -- the singer owns a National Association of Hot Rods team -- to military bases. His ongoing support of the American military led to the unique 2018 project, 22, which saw him collaborating with fellow country singer K.P. Fitz on a song and short film concerning the suicide epidemic among war veterans, which at the time of the song's release, saw an average of 22 veterans dying per day. Griego returned in 2019 with the heartfelt single "You Never Stop Loving Somebody." ~ Timothy Monger


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