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Knudsen/Rudzinskis Space Big Band is Berlin-based contemporary jazz big band project by jazz musicians & composers Danish Bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen and Latvian Saxophonist Toms Rudzinskis Quartet. Inspired by deep space and our history of space knowledge, from Galileo to Hawking, with detours in geological time and Kepler’s planet frequencies – this is a retelling of our space history in the universal language of music, a contemporary electro-acoustic jazz suite "Space Big Band" for a contemporary jazz big band. Album recording artists: Malte Schiller (cond.), Shems Bendali, Dima Bondarev, Jakob Sørensen, Johannes Böhmer (tr.), Dustin Drews, Toms Rudzinskis, Julius Gawlik, Ignaz Dinne, Leonie Freudenberger (sax); Nils Marquardt, Jonas Lindh, Andrej Ugoljew, Alistair Duncan (trb); Povel Widestrand (p), Sebastian Boehlen (guit), Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (bass), Mathias Ruppnig (dr). Knudsen/Rudzinskis Space Big Band album "SPACE BIG BAND" is due for release on October 22 2021 on Double Moon Records / Challenge Records with first single Hades premiering on October 8, 2021.