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Robonzo's story begins in Arlington, Texas. This is where he was the first time he saw The Rolling Stones on late night TV. Robonzo's love affair with music began. The ensuing years would take Robonzo through clubs, bars, winery venues and festivals from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas to the San Francisco Bay Area of California. After performing thousands of shows as a drummer and sometimes singer, Robonzo decided to explore music in a different way. In 2016 he created Unstarving Musician, a podcast dedicated to helping independent artists better understand the business and creative processes behind making music. Musician interviews for the podcast inspired Robonzo act on a life long desire to write and record his own music. In 2020 the process began, as Robonzo penned his debut single On Top Of The World and setup his first home recording studio. His artistic endeavors are influenced by many, including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Taj Mahal, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Sheryl Crow, Heart, Jeff Beck and more.