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Guy Gerber has always favoured the road less travelled. The Israeli DJ thrives on confounding expectations. Few underground DJs could collaborate with one of hip-hop’s biggest moguls, Puff Daddy (11 11). Few producers blend the worlds of melancholy and euphoria so effortlessly, or turn in a breakup album as an official mix for a revered club brand. It’s these kind of contradictions that define Gerber’s compelling duality.

Before he was fiddling with drum machines and synths, Gerber was all about groups like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. These influences still echo clearly in his music today, whether it be in his hypnotising live performances or contemplative, moody productions. As a performer, Guy Gerber is consistently rated one of the best global touring acts in dance music, securing a top 10 live performer nod three years in a row in the Resident Advisor polls; Gerber’s sets are never forgettable. He has an unerring ability to disrupt expectations at his clandestine, free Ibiza beach party of the same name, RUMORS. A free event running since 2014 with a relaxed atmosphere, that stays true to the original ethos of Ibiza; Guy now tours his RUMORS parties worldwide with events at Art Basel Miami, stages at BPM Mexico, street parties in Shoreditch London and China Town LA and unique locations in New York, Mykonos, Sardinia, Dubai and Israel, proving that RUMORS really do spread.