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AO GRYVE (pronounced “A-Oh Greev” he/him) is a genre-bending artist, musical misfit, and explorer of the human condition. An anagram of "Voyager", AO GRYVE explores the human experience with a personal, authentic, and adventurous sound that bounces from Iron & Wine to Radiohead fusing folk, electronic, and art-pop music with experimental sensibilities. Featuring Feels Like Honey, AO GRYVE's newest release "Fox & Crow" twists the popular children's folk tale with lo-fi beats, flavors of jazz, and dense, luscious harmonies into a sobering reflection on life ill-spent, self-acceptance, and companionship. AO GRYVE is the alter-ego of Joshua Jandreau, a composer who's worked with the Grammy-nominated Imani Winds, members of Fifth House Ensemble, Grammy-nominated cellist Amanda Gookin, and Grammy award-winning hornist Andrew Pelletier to name a few. Despite working as a classical composer for more than a decade, Jandreau felt unfulfilled. Now with guitar, piano, and an arsenal of electronics in hand, he's on a voyage to explore the human condition and find out what it means to be alive. Learn More :